About Arfik

We will go on a journey together -  
  something must happen!
We will think the whole world out,  
  and one will be able to dream!

...we are the Children's Vocal Group from Szczecin, Poland.

The group was founded in 1987. Singing, dancing, and playing the theatre are our great passions. You will find many, many kinds of songs in our repertoire. Since 1987, ARFIK has taken part in numerous festivals and events: estrade, choral, theatrical, and many more. We presented our songs and performances in various European countries, such as Germany, Denmark, Norway, Latvia, Sweden). You can listen to us in the TV and the radio. All of those resulted in a number of CDs, with the latest one, "Potwór" ("Monster") released in 2015.

But you will meet us not only on stages and in concert halls. Can you hear us singing on the vast fields and in the dark woods, with the wind, trees and animals being our audience...? Believe us, it happens very often.

We spend our holidays and freetime together. Our friendship is everlasting and - trust us - it can be clearly seen at the stage!

Our tutors, instructors, and authors of our songs are: Ryszard Leoszewski (composer, founder of the group), Barbara Stenka (poetess), Irena Błońska (choreographess), Magda Melnicka-Sypko (choreographess), Dariusz Kabaciński (musician, audio engineer), Danuta Dąbrowska-Wojciechowska (painter), and Marta Koniarska (vocal teacher).

Listening to ARFIK will make you believe in "daily wonders"!........

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