It was one of the most important events in the whole Arfik's history!

And it was just like the title says, "From music to friendship”. But... let's begin from the very end, from the concert. On the 23rd April 2006 in the Szczecin Philharmonic Hall the concert took place, the concert which was the result of the co-operation of the vocal group Arfik and the Youth Orchestra of the Bois-Blancs Music School conducted by Mr. Pierre-Yves Gronier. This orchestra comes from Lille, France. The concert was meant to be a finale of the "FROM MUSIC TO FRIENDSHIP" programme which was supported by the European Community as the part of the Youth Programme as well as by the City of Szczecin and City of Lille.

It wasn't the first meeting of the both groups. In December 2004 Arfik took a performance together with the Orchestra during the event called „Lille 2004 – Capitale Europeenne de la Culture”.
The songs performed in the Szczecin Philharmonic Hall were both the songs originally performed by the group "Arfik" and the band "Sklep z ptasimi piorami" ("The Bird Feathers' Shop") and the excerpts from the famous operas and musicals. But before that, both bands spent one week together in the "Frajda" guesthouse, in Czarnocin located on the shore of Szczecin Lagoon. That was the place where they were preparing to the performance the Arfik's youths aged 15-25 took part in. The rehearsals were taking place not only in the inner rooms, but out of doors as well. The musicians were taking their instruments outside and played in the presence of birds, dogs and cats. These rehearsals were truly extraordinary. We could communicate with our French friends in many ways, but it was music which was  the language that was the most effective for all of us!

It's hard to believe that the French and Polish youths are so alike. Their behavior, clothes, interests... Well, the interests were slightly different in both groups - I'm saying mainly about the favourite dishes - but it was really educational. The most important thing is that we could easily communicate and agree with the use of all European languages known to us, gestures and music. Common concerts, excursions and evening games were really strenghtening our good relations. There were even small groups consisting of the young French and Poles which members liked one another especially. At one of such meetings we even managed to create of the common versions of the songs "Stempelek" ("The Little Stamp") and "Szukamy przyjaciol po swiecie..." ("We Look for the Friends Around the World...") .

Apart from music, we also used to watch the nature. The place we spent our time at is a wildlife sanctuary. The ornithologists from all over the Europe come there. We eagerly watched the storks, eagles, herons, swallows, hawks and sparrows.

The cooking ad-libs were also interesting. Everyone could prepare the dishes typical for one's country. Thanks to that we could taste the potato pancakes, the French cheese le marpile, the bread „pain perdu”.

It was all as much important as preparing the concert.

After coming back to our homes we would have probably found it hard to keep in touch, but thanks to the wonderful machines - the computers - we can write e-mails to each other and plan to meet during the Summer break. Of course, we take an advantage of the snail mail as well - we prepared a letter to the French orchestra, filled with the pictures and surprises commemorating our meeting. And in the next year - the next common concerts and meetings. In Lille this time!